Why Must You Use Palintest Reagents with Palintest Photometers?

Only Palintest reagents should be used with Palintest photometers. We can only guarantee the results obtained from Palintest products will be within our stated accuracy ranges if the testing is carried out using Palintest reagents. Read below to find out more about why this is case.

1.     Reagent Formulations Will Differ Depending on the Manufacturer

Palintest photometers and tablet formulations are continually developed and tested to ensure they provide accurate results across the concentration ranges specified in the test method.

Quality controls in the manufacture of Palintest instruments and formulations have been designed to ensure that the test methods are correct when used to determine water quality.

Other tablet manufacturers provide alternative test methods using their own formulations and quality controls. For example, while DPD indicator remains constant in all DPD reagents, the exact formulation and amount used will vary between brands and therefore results will not always be comparable.

2.     Optical Set-Up of the Instrument Will Differ Depending on Manufacturer

Palintest photometers use innovative photometric technology with an optical set-up specifically designed to give consistently accurate and reliable results. Comparison of product specifications for instruments, as well as reagents, between Palintest and other manufacturers will show differences in the instrument design as well as the chemical formulations used in those methods.

3.     Our Photometers are Calibrated Based on our Reagent Formulations

As part of Palintest’s quality control system each photometer is specifically calibrated to match our own reagent formulations. This means that the optical set-up of Palintest instruments is specifically aligned with our exact reagent formulations to determine the calibrations used for each of our tests.


4.     Accuracy Levels are Stated Based on the Specific Optical Set Up and Reagent Formulation

Accuracy levels of our photometric tests are stated based on our specific instruments and reagent formulations, therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy and quality of water testing results produced when using other tablet formulations with our instruments.

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