World Water Day 2020

Water is one of our most valuable natural resources.

Approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, but only around 2.5% of this is freshwater suitable for consumption. To many, availability of clean water is a given, but for many others, availability of water is a daily struggle.

On the 22nd March each year, UN Water host World Water Day, raising awareness of key water issues and highlighting the struggle of those who are living without access to safe water. Encouraging us all to take action to protect this precious resource, this year UN Water is focusing on the impact we all make on the global water crisis through climate change. This World Water Day, we are doing our part to highlight the major issues around water; watch our short video to find out more.

At Palintest we believe that every person has a right to clean and safe water, and we are proud to part of the solution driving change. A constant focus for the UN; the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 is to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Helping to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) standards worldwide, our Wagtech™ portable water quality laboratories enable simple and accessible testing anywhere. Used in even the most challenging environments, our kits are used in emergency response situations to test for drinking water, for water quality testing and monitoring across multiple sites, and for long term monitoring of water supply networks in places without laboratory infrastructure. To learn more about our Wagtech™ kits visit our product page or contact our team below.

For more information about UN Water and how you can get involved visit their website here.

For more information about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the progress being made, visit their website here.

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