Palintest can trace our origins back over 100 years to Wilkinson & Simpson Ltd, manufacturers of basic medicines and pharmaceuticals in Newcastle, UK. In the 1940s, Dr Palin worked on the original Palin System using DPD for measuring chlorine in water, now the global standard. In 1983, Palintest became a part of the global Halma plc Group.

The company can be traced back to the late nineteenth century when two chemists called Wilkinson & Simpson became involved in an apothecary business in Newcastle on Tyne. This business continued to thrive and develop in Newcastle on Tyne and eventually became a manufacturing chemist and pharmaceutical wholesaling business.

This business continued to the 1950’s until the Company was approached by Dr Thomas Palin, a water scientist and chemist whose achievements included the development of breakpoint chlorination for water and the invention of the DPD method for the determination of chlorine.

Dr Palin’s method became the standard method of chlorine determination throughout the world. Dr Palin also developed a system of chemical reagents presented in the form of reagent tablets and intended for use in the determination of chemical constituents of drinking water. He approached Wilkinson & Simpson Ltd to manufacture the reagent tablets and Dr Palin and the Company formed a partnership.

Eventually Wilkinson & Simpson Ltd became sole owners of the tablet reagent system developed by Dr Palin and Dr Palin became a consultant to the Company. During the 1970’s the pharmaceutical and wholesaling and manufacturing business was sold and the Company's business became exclusively that of chemical reagent manufacture.

In 1983 the Company Wilkinson & Simpson Ltd was purchased by a British Corporation, Halma plc and considerable investment was made in Wilkinson & Simpson Ltd to improve the manufacturing process of its tablet reagent system and to develop a complete range of analytical equipment to be used in association with the reagent tablets. The reagents were marketed under the brand name ‘Palintest’.

The Company was renamed ‘Palintest Ltd’ in May 1989 to reflect both its registered trade mark and its association with Dr Palin, the father of the DPD method.

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