Palintest’s sensor technology is now available for high concentration chlorine. Sensor technology is a sophisticated electrochemical measurement technique, suitable for a wide range of samples and environments, which ensures you get repeatable and reliable results each time.

Introducing the new ChloroSense HR

Measure high concentrations of chlorine with this easy to use, portable instrument. Ideal for validation of disinfection dosing.

The new ChloroSense HR directly measures free chlorine up to 25 mg/L and total chlorine up to 500 mg/L, with the option to measure up to 250mg/L of free chlorine with the simple-to-use dilution tube.Introducing the new ChloroSense HR.

The ChloroSense HR boasts unique sensor technology - developed specifically for measuring high concentrations of free and total chlorine. The wide measurement range reduces the requirement for dilution, offering an accurate measurement for critical applications.

With no glassware and no reagents, the ChloroSense HR is ideal for complex operating environments including fresh produce washing plants. The simple measurement technique and integrated data log means users can make critical water quality decisions with confidence.

Why choose sensor technology?

Sophisticated electrochemical measurement technique
The instrument delivers repeatable and reliable measurements

Suitable for a wide range of sample types and environments
No interference from solids, colour, turbidity or light quality.

The simple test method reduces potential errors
Giving users confidence to make critical water quality decisions.

Designed for users of all skill level and expertise
The simple test method is easy to follow and does not require special skills or chemistry knowledge.

EPA approved, externally validated test method
Approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Integrated data log
Go paperless and store up to 500 results on one instrument. Perfect for auditing data.

How does it work?

Sensor technology is driven by disposable single use sensors which utilise chronoamperometry and electrochemistry to measure the electrical current generated by chemical reactions.

Chronoamperometry involves applying a fixed voltage to an electrode and recording the resulting current over time. The magnitude of the current is proportional to the concentration of chlorine in the test sample.

Want to know more about the ChloroSense HR?

Visit the product page or contact a member of our team.

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