Palintest's next generation Turbimeter is now available with USB connectivity and rapid in-field analysis of results.

Turbidity refers to the cloudiness of the water and is an important test when measuring the quality of water. Turbid water is caused by scattered light from small particles and is commonly used in drinking water treatment and production, wastewater and environmental monitoring.

Palintest Turbimeter Plus is a portable instrument which allows testing to be conducted in the field. Our simple and easy to use method allows for rapid results with easy analysis. The instrument includes a number of operating and reading modes allowing for different user needs, these include Total Suspended Solids, Average and Continuous Capture measurements.

Developed in collaboration with leading water utility companies, the new Turbimeter Plus supports our customer evolving needs. With a history of innovation which changed the nature of water testing, Palintest continue to support their customers by working with them directly to understand their current and future requirements. The new Turbimeter Plus includes the following features:

  • Fast and reliable results within 5 seconds
  • Specifically designed for field use with storage for 1000 results and battery power for approximately 10,000 tests
  • Unique Quadoptix technology with four individual measurement points for increased reliability
  • Variety of operating and reading modes including TSS, Average and Continuous Capture
  • USB connectivity for power, downloading data and installing software upgrades
  • IP67 certified with a waterproof USB socket

Visit the product page for more information.

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