Regular pool testing helps ensure swimmer safety and helps maintain the integrity of the pool infrastructure. To find out more about how our technologies can support you, visit our team at Piscine Global. Hall 5, stand B29.

Swimming remains a popular activity around the world, being used for exercise, play and health. As an activity designed to boost health and wellbeing, the protection of swimmers is the number one priority for pool owners.

Treatment of pool water is primarily used to safeguard swimmers’ health and reduce the risk of contamination of the pool water. This treatment must be carefully monitored to ensure that swimmers are not exposed to unnecessary risks. However, pool monitoring is about more than just protecting pool users and is also used to safeguard the long-term health of the pool itself.

By measuring water balance and parameters such as chlorine, pH and alkalinity you can minimize the risks of corrosion to the pool surface. Regular monitoring is also a cost effective approach. By understanding your water matrix, you can increase the effectiveness of treatment and the comfort of pool users.

Palintest has been supplying water analysis technologies to the pool and spa market for decades. Our company is founded on the technology of Dr Palin who pioneered the DPD method to make chlorine testing accessible to everyone. With an extensive portfolio of products, we have been continuously working on Dr Palin’s philosophy to make water analysis technologies simple and accessible for all users, putting water safety at the forefront.

To find out more about our full portfolio of Pool and Spa water testing equipment, visit the team at Piscine Global in Hall 5, stand B29.

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