For National Apprenticeship Week, Scott answers some quick questions about his role at Palintest, and why he thinks more people should consider apprenticeships.

Scott Bradley, Electronics Apprentice

Time with Palintest:18 months

What have you most enjoyed about your apprenticeship in the last year?

The thing I have most enjoyed about my apprenticeship this year is expanding my capabilities and becoming much more independent. I feel I am now a valuable member of my team and can pick up almost any task presented to me.

What have been your main achievements in the last year?

I would say that my main achievement this year has been completing the first semester of my foundation degree with marks I am proud of. I am also pleased with the way I can approach new tasks and ‘‘think like an engineer’’ as my colleagues have stressed to me on many occasions. It seems to finally be sinking in a little.

What would you say you’ve learnt in the last year?

I’ve learned a lot this year both in and out of work. I’m always evolving at Palintest, learning new skills like basic PCB design and brushing up on old ones like CAD. University is teaching me some of the theory behind what I do at work and ‘filling in the gaps’ of my knowledge. I also learned that I’m not invincible and that my boss is sick of half the team being in hospital for knee injuries (I tore a piece of cartilage). Overall its been an interesting year.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships to me are basically a different path to get where you want to go. You could leave school, spend two years in sixth form, spend four in university and still come out without a shred of experience. Or… you could earn money doing a job you’re interested in, attend college or Uni and come out of the 4 years fully qualified with buckets of experience and no debt! Sounds like a good deal to me.

Just make sure you find a stable company that offers the opportunity to progress your education, whether that’s a college course or better yet, a degree. Your bank account will thank you in later life.

Kevin, Electronics Development Manager at Palintest had this to say about Scott:

Scott has a great attitude and is enthusiastic in his approach to learning new skills. He’s done very well in his core apprenticeship qualifications, so we are now supporting him in a foundation degree course. He is a valued member of our team and good fun to have around.

Having completed an apprenticeship myself, I know the value of underpinning any academic qualifications with practical skills. It is a great way to enter the workplace and given the right training, an apprentice can be a great investment for any business.

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