We all know that water is essential to health and survival. On the 31st January, the Sensors for Water Industry group SWIG will be hosting a workshop on health and water, showcasing some new technologies across the industry.

This conference from Swig looks at the role water plays in keeping our health and optimum levels, showcasing the latest devices and sensor technologies that can support this process.

Our team will be exhibiting at the conference, showcasing some of our exciting technologies which help ensure clean and safe water. At Palintest it is our mission to simplify water testing methods, ensuring that all consumers can have access to clean and safe water.

As part of this conference, our team will be showcasing some of our very latest technologies. Visit our Product Manager for Open Innovation, Ian Leahy, to find out more about our innovation projects.

To find out more about the conference or to book your place visit: Swig - Water and Health

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