The Bevtech conference pulls in beverage professionals from across Europe to help increase the promotion, development, and dissemination of knowledge for technology in the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

Throughout the beverage industry, professionals are looking to find ways to improve operations, reduce costs and streamline processes, all whilst attempting to ensure they meet the highest safety standards for their operations and final product.

Chemical disinfection of water used in beverage production remains the primary mechanism for demonstrably proving water safety, product quality and consistency.

Continuing innovation with online dosing equipment has not been supported by the techniques used for validating and calibrating those very same systems. Without effective calibration and validation, these systems do not support satisfactory QA and risk management procedures.

Challenging process water chemistry and out-of-date validation techniques combine to make utilising the latest technologies and probes in online measurement complex. This situation is often worsened with the move to newer, chlorine-alternative chemicals, such as PAA, whose relative youth in the industry means verification methods are limited, and not well understood.

Our Business Development Manager, Dr. Mark Todman, will be discussing how to get validating analysis right and what benefits this has to your operation. His presentation, Improved Risk Management through Innovation in Chemical Disinfection Validation, will be on the first day of the knowledge packed two-day conference.

For more information about Bevtech, the conference and the preliminary agenda, visit the Bevtech website

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