Colitag MPNplate™

  • CT260

Extend the application of Colitag™, with the field-ready MPNplate™ 1600 for quantitative microbiological water quality testing.

USEPA-approved for Most Probable Number protocol, the MPNplate™ 1600 simplifies the generation of reliable and quantifiable results for core faecal indicator organisms (FIO) with the following features:

Wide reporting range – report with confidence from zero (absence) to 1600 CFU/100mL for both Total Coliforms and E. coli

Rugged and suitable for the field – seal the MPNplate™ without heat or complex hardware and the sample is ready to incubate without danger of contamination or degradation

Reliable and distinct results – the simplicity of the test protocol, the clearly-detectable colour/fluorescent response for positive samples and the unique Colitag™ formulation combine to deliver the most robust test system available.

Available as a range of Starter Kits or as an accessory for use by existing Colitag™ users, the MPNplate™ 1600 is the simplest and most flexible approach to Most Probable Number quantification of Total Coliforms and E. coli available.

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Colitag MPNplate™