Compact Chlorometer

  • Chlorometer kit, soft case (PTS045D)
  • Chlorometer kit, hard case (PTH045D)

The Compact Chlorometer is ideal for the field professional validating the safety of drinking water or wastewater disinfection:

  • True chlorine calibration – results are calibrated against real chlorine samples for the most accurate result
  • DPD method application – both tablet and liquid reagents are available to measure free chlorine, monochloramine, dichloramine and/or total chlorine up to 5 mg/l chlorine
  • Two-button operation – blank and read simply with a single button push.
Compact Chlorometer


Measuring System Dual LED source, direct-reading colorimeter
Ranges 0 to 5 mg/L chlorine
Display High clarity LCD with backlight
User Interface Blank, read, function and power keys
Data Storage Last 10 results. Blank value held in memory until power off or new Blank recorded
Size (W x L x H) 65 x 150 x 40 mm
Weight 200g (including batteries)
Power Supply 2x AA batteries


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NDF Check Standards for Compact Chlorometer

Neutral Density Filter check standards for field validation of the Chlorometer. Supplied in a hard case with certificate.

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Additional Information

Ordering Code Contents
PTS045D Compact Chlorometer, cuvettes (x2), cuvette brush, crush/stirring rods,
tests for free and total chlorine (x50) and instructions. Supplied in a soft case
with belt loop.
PTH045D Compact Chlorometer, cuvettes (x4), cuvette brush, crush/stirring rods,
tests for free and total chlorine (x100) and instructions. Supplied in a hard case.

Instructions & Brochures

Compact Photometers Brochure

Download the brochure to view the full range of single parameter photometers in this product line, together with the list of consumables and accessories.


Maintenance and Servicing Guide

Maintenance and Servicing Guide for Single and Multiparameter Photometers


User Manual

Download step-by-step instructions for operating the Chlorometer.


Research & Insights

Calibrating Palintest Photometers

Palintest calibrate photometers using certified colour standards that are traceable back to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) standards.


Free and combined chlorine - understand the difference

Testing the water for both free and combined chlorine allows you to know whether the water you've chlorinated is of sufficient quality to drink or disinfect your process, depending upon your application.


Water Testing in Renal Dialysis

Chloramine testing of water used for haemodialysis is mandatory as prescribed in ISO 13959:2014. The standard refers to testing for total chlorine, however understanding the difference between free chlorine and combined chlorine can help when making the decision as to which test method to use.