Kemio Disinfection

  • KEM10DIS

Kemio is the next generation measurement platform, delivering the validation you need from a method you can trust.

Kemio utilises a sophisticated electrochemical technique which removes complexity for the user, giving you clear results for confident decision making.

Kemio delivers repeatable and reliable results for every user
Get consistent results across all users. Kemio does the hard work for the operator, minimising chances for errors caused by users.

Suitable for all users with no training required
With on screen visual instructions, Kemio can be used by anyone straight out of the box.

Personalised to your testing needs
Add your own test limits to see pass and fail results which enable clear action for the operator. Create a complete dataset by inputting personalised information such as user, location, batch and product.

Multiparameter testing platform
Kemio performs tests for Chlorine (free and total), Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Peracetic Acid (PAA) on one instrument with the use of different sensors.

Get audit ready with organised data
The integrated data log summarises 10,000 results to provide a traceable, auditable dataset. Meet your compliance requirements by extracting data via USB with the encrypted data transfer.

Suitable for all sample types
Kemio delivers a consistent performance for samples which are coloured, turbid or include floating particles.

Perform validation at the point of use
Kemio uses no glassware and is certified IP67 waterproof, making it suitable for use even in difficult operating environments.

Kemio Disinfection

How does Kemio technology work?

Kemio is powered by patented, single-use sensors which generate an electrical current by reacting with chemicals in the water sample. Kemio measures this electrical signal to determine the concentration of chemical within the sample.

Kemio reduces variability from users, delivering repeatable and reliable results each time.

Go paperless

Add your own test information including location, batch and operator.

Store up to 10,000 results and transfer to PC via USB with encrypted data transfer.

Ideal for manufacturing environments

Kemio uses no glassware and is fit for purpose even in the most challenging operating environments.

Suitable for all sample types

Kemio utilises a sophisticated electrochemical technique and is therefore not affected by light quality or operator procedure, minimising the chances for error.

Suitable for all users with no training required

Kemio is usable straight out of the box, with visual on screen instructions and data logging for operators, Kemio is quick and easy to use.

Suitable for all sample types

Unlike traditional measurement techniques Kemio is suitable for use with coloured or turbid samples, or samples containing particulates.

How does Kemio technology work?
Go paperless
Ideal for manufacturing environments
Suitable for all sample types
Suitable for all users with no training required
Suitable for all sample types


Free Chlorine 0.02 - 25 mg/L
Total Chlorine 0.02 - 500 mg/L
Chlorine Dioxide 0.02 - 50 mg/L
Chlorite 0.02 - 50 mg/L *Chlorite accessory kit must be purchased to perform Chlorite test
Peracetic Acid (PAA) 5 - 2000 mg/L
Language Options English, French, Spanish and Mandarin
Connectivity USB
Data Storage 10,000 results
Size (W x L x H) & Weight 156mm x 180mm x 95mm, 1025g
Power Supply USB and external charging options
Battery 2300mAh NiMH (Rechargeable battery pack)
Rating IP67 waterproof


Select a consumable type to view details and download the related instruction and safety sheet documents for consumables


Chlorite Accessory Kit for Kemio

Specialist accessory kit for performing a chlorite test, including reagents, consumables and degassing equipment. KEMH10DIS

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Kemio Sample Vessel

Replacement sample tray for Kemio - KEM308

Kemio Stylus Pen

Replacement stylus for use with Kemio - KEM 306

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Benchtop Kit

Soft Case Kit

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Kemio Disinfection
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USB Cable
International Power Adapter
Quick Start Instructions
Protective Handheld Case
Soft Case for Kemio and Consumables

Instructions & Brochures

Kemio Disinfection Brochure

Kemio Disinfection brochure with product information for download


Kemio Test Instructions

Test Instructions for performing chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite and PAA tests with Kemio Disinfection.


Kemio User Manual

User manual for Kemio Disinfection


Ordering Options

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Specification Sheet

Kemio Disinfection Specification Sheet for download