Micro 600 Handheld DO Meter

  • PT1240

The Micro 600 handheld DO meter combines Galvanic DO and temperature measurement. The advanced technology of this meter makes it suitable for both benchtop and field use:

  • Easy calibration can be performed at 100% and/or 0% and mg/L or ppm against a known solution
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) guarantees the highest accuracy under varying temperature conditions
  • Compensates for salinity and barometric pressure following manual input, for increased accuracy
  • Kitted in a carrying case along with all consumables and parts required for immediate operation.
Micro 600 Handheld DO Meter


Dissolved Oxygen:
Range 0 - 20 mg/L or ppm
Resolution 0.01 mg/L or ppm
Accuracy ± 1.5% full scale
% Saturation:
Range 0 - 200%
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy ± 1.5% full scale
Range 0 - 50°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Manual Salinity Correction 0 - 50 ppt
Manual Barometric Pressure Correction 500 - 1499 mmHg or 66.6 - 199.9 kPa
Calibration 2 points (0%, 100%) and 1 point in a known solution (mg/L)
Special Functions Auto power-off after 20 minutes Result hold function, and self diagnostic error messages
Power 4x AAA batteries
Dimensions and Weight 157 x 85 x 43 mm, 255g

Additional Information

PT1240 Micro 600 DO Handheld Meter
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PT125/3 Zero Oxygen Solution, 500 ml

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User Manual

Micro 600 Handheld DO Meter instructions