Standard Pool Comparator Kits

  • Chlorine, alkalinity, pH Kit (SP117)
  • Bromine, alkalinity, pH kit (SP118)
  • Simple-to-use tablet methods coupled with unique ‘petal’ discs for easy colour differentiation
  • Built-in light diffuser for strong light conditions or optional light box for low light conditions
  • Complete kits containing all reagents and components required for testing.
Standard Pool Comparator Kits

Additional Information

(Chlorine, alkalinity, pH)
(Bromine, alkalinity, pH kit)

Chlorine 0 - 5 mg/L disc

Phenol red disc

Alkalinity disc

Bromine 0 - 8 mg/L disc
DPD 1 reagents (x100)
DPD 3 reagents (x100)
pH Phenol Red reagents (x100)
Alkalinity reagents (x50)
Dilution tube
Crush/stir rod
Cuvettes (x4)
Cuvette brush

Instructions & Brochures

Pool & Spa Brochure

Download the Pool and Spa Water testing Brochure to view the full range of both digital and visual analysis technologies, together with available accessories and consumables.


SP117 User Manual

Instructions for measuring chlorine, alkalinity and pH on the Standard Comparator


SP118 User Manual

Instructions for measuring bromine, alkalinity and pH on the Standard Comparator


Research & Insights

A guide for DPD testing in pools and spas

Pool operators need to be confident that the sanitizer concentration is correctly dosed and controlled, for the health and comfort of bathers.