Alkalinity (M), Photometer Reagents, 0 - 500 mg/L CaCO3

  • 50 tests per pack (PM250)
  • 250 tests per pack (AP250)

The Palintest Alkaphot M and Alkaphot P tests are both based on unique colorimetric methods. These methods offer considerable advantages over the titrimetric methods traditionally used for measuring these parameters.

The tests are each based on the use of a single tablet reagent containing a precisely standardised amount of acid combined with a colour indicator. The tests are simply carried out by adding the appropriate tablet to a sample of the water under test. Over the alkalinity range of each test, a distinctive series of colours is produced - from yellow through green to blue in the case of the Alkaphot M test and from colourless to purple in the case of the Alkaphot P test.

The colour produced in each of the tests is indicative of the alkalinity and is measured using a Palintest Photometer.

Alkalinity (M), Phot Reagents, 0 - 500 mg/L


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