Chloride, Photometer Reagents, 0 - 50,000 mg/L NaCl

  • 50 tests per pack (PM268)
  • 250 tests per pack (AP268)

The Palintest Chloridol test is based on a tablet reagent system containing silver nitrate. Chlorides react with the silver nitrate to produce insoluble silver chloride. At the chloride levels encountered in the test, the insoluble silver chloride is observed as turbidity in the test sample. The degree of turbidity is proportional to the chloride concentration and is measured using a Palintest Photometer.

The test is carried out under acidic and oxidising conditions so as to prevent interference from complexing agents such as EDTA and polyphosphates and from any reducing substances which may be present in the water. Polyacrylates do, however, interfere and the test should not be used on industrial waters using polyacrylate-based treatments.

The formation of the precipitate in the Chloridol test may be subject to matrix effects in the presence of high total dissolved solids (TDS). The 0 – 50 mg/l Cl range is calibrated only for use on softened waters and condensates and should not be used for other samples. The dilution step in the other ranges reduces the TDS to acceptable levels and prevents this effect.

Chloride, Phot Reagents, 0 - 50,000 mg/L


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