Turbimeter Plus

  • PTH092

Turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS) are two of the most important indicator parameters for water quality monitoring.

The new Turbimeter Plus has been developed with leading water utility companies and provides the ideal testing platform for drinking water, wastewater and safe water monitoring. The Turbimeter Plus includes the following features:

  • Fast and reliable results within 5 seconds
  • Specifically designed for field use with storage for 1000 results and battery power for approximately 10,000 tests
  • Unique Quadoptix technology with four individual measurement points for increased reliability
  • Variety of operating and reading modes including TSS, Average and Continuous Capture
  • USB connectivity for power, downloading data and installing software upgrades
  • IP67 certified with a waterproof USB socket
Turbimeter Plus

QuadoptiX™ Optical System

The Palintest Turbimeter Plus utilises QuadoptiX™ technology for turbidity measurement.

QuadoptiX technology uses two independent sources and two independent detectors to provide four entirely autonomous measurement systems, allowing multiple validation of all results for greater accuracy.


Optical System QuadoptiX optical system with two independent 860 nm LED sources, ISO 7027 compliant
Ranges 0.01 to 1050 NTU
Display High clarity LCD with backlight
User Interface Soft key access with English, French and Spanish language options
Result Units NTU, FNU, FTU, mg/L (TSS mode)
Modes Turbidity (normal, average, continuous capture), TSS
Data Storage 1000 results including date, time, sample ID, operator ID and mode. Last 12 good calibrations including Operator ID
Size (W x L x H) & Weight 82 x 225 x 50 mm, 340g
Power Supply 2 x AA batteries or via USB port


Turbidity Meter Calibration Set

PTC092 - SDVB Set for calibrating the Turbimeter Plus. Supplied in a hard case with certificate.

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Additional Information

Code Contents
PTH092 Turbimeter Plus instrument, SDVB calibration standards (x4),
sample tubes (PT 555, x4), silicone oil (PT 120), dilution tube
(PT 512), cleaning cloths and instructions. Supplied in a hard case.
PTC092 Calibration set for the Turbimeter Plus
PT 555 Replacement Sample Tubes, Pack of 5
PTC090 Calibration set for the Compact Turbimeter (previous generation)
PT120 Silicone Oil
PT122 Absorbent cloths, Pack of 5
PT123 Battery Compartment Gasket and Screws
PT124 Replacement Gaskets For Battery Cover, Pack of 5.
PT125 Battery Compartment Kit (Cover, Gasket and Screws)
PT399 Lint Free Polishing Cloth
PT663 Sample Tube Brush

Instructions & Brochures

Compact Photometers Brochure

Download the brochure to view the full range of compact single parameter Photometers, together with the list of compatible consumables and accessories.


Maintenance and Servicing Guide

Maintenance and Servicing Guide for Single and Multiparameter Photometers


Turbidity Datasheet

Download the Datasheet to view the full specification and ordering information.


User Manual

Download step-by-step instructions for operating the Turbimeter Plus.


Research & Insights

Measuring turbidity in swimming pools

Water clarity is critical for pool owners in terms of appearance and to ensure that the swimmer feels confident in the quality of the water. It is also an indication of the efficacy of the disinfectant as cloudy water can host and protect bacteria and viruses from the action of the disinfectant.


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