Ensure food safety and effectively understand your disinfection levels with Kemio Disinfection

What does Kemio test for?

Bromine: 0.2 – 10 mg/L
Chlorine 0.02 – 25 mg/L (Free) 0.02 – 500 mg/L (Total)
Chlorine Dioxide 0.02 – 50 mg/L
Chlorite 0.02 – 50 mg/L
Peracetic Acid (PAA) 0.02 – 2000 mg/L

What is Kemio?

Kemio is the next generation measurement platform from Palintest. A truly simple test method, using our disposable patented sensors.

  • Get repeatable, reliable and accurate results
  • Automatically logged data, creating a fully auditable dataset
  • Suitable for all users, with no training required
  • Suitable for coloured or turbid samples or samples with oils, grease and floating particles
  • Improve cost and operational efficiencies with Kemio

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Have full confidence in your results, with reliable, accurate and repeatable results.

A truly simple test method which does the hard work for the user, Kemio ensures that you get the right result, every time. Our unique, patented sensor technology requires the user simply to fill the sample pot, insert the sensor and close the lid.

Get audit ready, with automatically logged data

Kemio automatically logs all results, including time, date, user ID and sample ID, to ensure complete traceability of data. To access the data log, simply connect your instrument to a PC.

Designed for food processing, Kemio is suitable for all sample types

Kemio can be used with coloured or turbid samples; and works even in water with fat, oils and floating particles. Designed for use with PPE, the Kemio touchscreen is operational when the touchscreen is wet or when used with protective gloves.

Kemio helps to make your processes more efficient

With no glassware and no chemicals, Kemio can be performed on the line. By inputting your specification, Kemio will display pass or fail results for each result, prompting operators to take corrective action where required.

How does Kemio compare to other methods?

Test Strips

  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Available for multiple tests
  • Colour change method
  • Quick and simple test method

  • High margins for error
  • Not suitable for coloured or turbid samples
  • No data traceability

Drop Count

  • Quick test method
  • High accuracy when performed correctly
  • Colour change method

  • Not suitable for coloured or turbid samples
  • No data traceability
  • Use of glassware
  • Complex method with high margins for error


  • High precision and accuracy
  • No glassware
  • No reagents
  • Multi parameter instrument
  • Easy to operate with on screen instructions
  • Results in 60 seconds
  • Complete, auditable data log
  • Encrypted data transfer via USB
  • Not affected by sample colour or turbidity
  • Not affected by fats, oils, grease or floating particles
  • See clear pass/fail results based on your test limits

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