ChloroSense HR

  • CS800 ChloroSense HR Kit

Measure high concentrations of chlorine with this easy to use portable instrument. Ideal for validation of disinfection dosing.

The new ChloroSense HR directly measures free chlorine up to 25 mg/L and total chlorine up to 500 mg/L, with the option to measure up to 250mg/L of free chlorine with the simple-to-use dilution tube.

The ChloroSense HR boasts unique sensor technology - developed specifically for measuring high concentrations of free and total chlorine. The wide measurement range reduces the requirement for dilution, offering an accurate measurement for critical applications. Designed for field analysis, the instrument is portable, waterproof and battery powered.

  • Quick and simple test for measuring high concentrations of chlorine; reducing the demand for dilution of samples
  • Ideal for food processing applications, with no reagents or glassware required.
  • Go paperless with the integrated results log, perfect for auditing data.
  • Connect your instrument to a PC to export results, upgrade software and fix the instrument settings.
ChloroSense HR


Measuring Method Chronoamperometry
Range 0 - 25 mg/L free chlorine, 0 - 500 mg/L total chlorine.
Diluted Range Dilution tube included to easily extend the measurement range up to 250mg/L free chlorine and 5000mg/L total chlorine.
Optimum Temperature 5 - 25°C
Display High clarity LCD with backlight
Connectivity USB-B port
User Interface English, French and Mandarin
Data Storage 500 results including date, time, test ID and sample ID
Size (WxLxH) and Weight 170 x 126 x 116 mm, 975g (including batteries)
Power Supply 4 x AA batteries


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ChloroSense HR Check Standards

CS182. Verify the performance of your ChloroSense HR with Palintest check standards.

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Additional Information

Part Code Contents
CS800 ChloroSense HR instrument, USB cable, CSHR sensors (x100) including calibration chip, dilution tube, syringe, check standards and instructions. Supplied in a protective shoulder case.
CS810 ChloroSense HR sensors (100/pk)
CS850 ChloroSense HR sensors (500/pk)
CS182 ChloroSense HR check standards

Instructions & Brochures

Instruction manual

ChloroSense HR instruction manual in English


Quick test guide

Quick test guide for chlorine high range.


Sensor technology brochure

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