Contour Pool Comparator Kits

Simple to use, and with a a wide range of both single- and dual-comparator kit options, the Contour Comparator offers an excellent solution to visual testing requirements.

  • Compact size with grip feature for ease of handling
  • Discrete colour disc for definite results

All the kits are supplied in a hard carrying case complete with sufficient reagents for carrying out 30 tests, the appropriate Contour Disc, 3 cuvettes, a cuvette brush, crush/stirring rods, and instructions.

Contour Pool Comparator Kits


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Additional Information

Ordering Code Description
CKH 1001
Comparator Kit, Free and Total Chlorine, 0-5 mg/l
CKH 1002
Comparator Kit, Free and Total Chlorine, 0-2 mg/l
CKH 1003
Comparator Kit, Free and Total Chlorine, 0-1 mg/l
CKH 1005
Comparator Kit, Bromine, 0-8 mg/l
CKH 1192 Comparator Kit, Alkalinity, 0-250 mg/l
CKH 162/250 Comparator Kit, Chlorine HR, 0-250 mg/l
CKH 1105 Comparator Kit, Hydrogen Peroxide, 0-100 mg/l
CKH 1056 Comparator Kit, Ozone, 0-1 mg/l
CKH 1177 Comparator Kit, Phosphate, 0-4 mg/l
CKH 1131 Comparator Kit, pH Phenol Red, pH 6.8-8.4

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