Chlorine Dioxide Testing

Chlorine dioxide is a highly volatile but effective biocide that is widely used as disinfectant. Due to its volatility, it is particularly popular as a secondary disinfectant in short networks. It is especially effective against biofilms and bacteria such as Legionella. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not dissociate in water; it exists as a dissolved gas in solution.  As with all disinfectants, monitoring of residuals and dosing is important to ensure that levels are not too high or low.

  • Drinking water – Chlorine dioxide is regularly used in drinking water treatment.  Sometimes as a pre-treatment for metal removal from the raw water entering a treatment plant, but more commonly at the end of the distribution network to control specific issues such as pseudomonas and Legionella.
  • Food and beverage – Increasingly common in food and beverage production due to its high efficacy and limited DBP formation potential.  Particularly of interest in fresh produce production and the pre-treatment of raw water to be used in manufacturing bottled water.
  • Cooling water – Similar to use as a specialist treatment at the end of a drinking water treatment network, chlorine dioxide’s use in cooling water is popular in open systems where legionella control is of high importance. It is particularly effective against biofilms, an area where traditional disinfectants often struggle.



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Kemio™ Disinfection

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Compact ClO2+ Meter

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