Chlorine Testing

Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent and deactivates microorganisms by breaking through the cell membrane. Chlorine was first added to drinking water systems in the 19th century to combat diseases such as cholera. Since then chlorine has been widely adopted as a disinfectant across multiple applications. As with all disinfectants, monitoring of residuals and dosing is important to ensure that levels are not too high or low.

Chlorine levels are routinely monitored to ensure that water in applications such as drinking water, swimming pools, and produce washing is free of harmful bacteria.

  • Drinking water– Most drinking water is still treated with chlorine to prevent harmful bacteria causing illness in humans and animals. Whether added as free chlorine or a combined chlorine depends very much on how quickly the water is to be consumed and the potential for disinfection by product formation.
  • Wastewater – Chlorine is often used at the end of a wastewater treatment process to ensure no harmful bacteria are discharged back into the environment. However, the chlorine added must then be removed before discharge to ensure no aquatic life are harmed.
  • Pools and spa– Chlorine is the most common disinfectant used in pools and spas across the globe. Like drinking water, the aim is to add enough chlorine to maintain a free chlorine residual in the presence of relatively high contamination levels without adding so much that you form harmful disinfection by products.
  • Food and beverage– in food and beverage applications, chlorine is used to prevent bacteriological contamination of any water in contact with the product such as the water fresh produce is washed in.


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Photometric analysis is a simple and effective mechanism for determining water quality parameters. Get expert digital measurements in both single and multi-parameter formats.  Our photometers cover all major water quality parameters and are suitable for use across a range of applications.

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Kemio™ is the next generation measurement platform, delivering the validation you need from a method you can trust. Kemio™ utilises a sophisticated electrochemical technique which removes complexity for the user, giving you clear results for confident decision making.

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Colorimetric analysis is a simple and effective mechanism for determining water quality parameters. Palintest offers visual test kits in a variety of combinations and for a wide range of applications.

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