Cyanuric Acid Testing

Cyanuric acid (CNOH)3 is commonly referred to as a chlorine stabilizer. Chlorine is degraded by UV light, but the presence of cyanuric acid will protect the chlorine in the water from degradation and allow continued disinfection of the water. Cyanuric acid must be monitored if it is used in a pool to ensure that effective disinfection can occur.

Pool and Spa – Cyanuric acid is used to stabilize chlorine levels in pool water. Generally, cyanuric acid is maintained between 20 and 50 ppm for maximum effectiveness.

Palintest offers a range of products with cyanuric acid testing from visual to photometric solutions. See our top products below for more information.

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(CNOH)3  / CYA

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Photometer 7500 product image
Photometer 7500

The Photometer 7500 is Palintest’s top range photometer covering all major water quality parameters, with more than 80 test methods.

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Pooltest 6 Photometer product image
Pooltest 6 Photometer

The Pooltest 6 provides simple and effective pool testing for service engineers and pool managers, with all the tests required for a water balance calculation.

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Pooltester Kits product image
Pooltester Kits

Ideal for the residential user, the Pooltester range from Palintest provides simple and cost-effective pool and hot tub testing.

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