Lead Testing

Lead a toxic metal that is harmful to human health and is especially an issue for children. The US EPA and CDC state there is no known safe level of lead in a child’s blood.

Lead leaches into drinking water as a result of lead piping which was commonplace before the dangers of lead poisoning were fully understood.

Lead must be continuously monitored in drinking water as it bioaccumulates in the body, this means that the body does not effectively get rid of it, and so ingesting very small amounts over a period of time can be toxic.

  • Drinking water– Lead leaches into drinking water from old pipe networks. Lead is very toxic to human health and must be monitored closely.
  • Wastewater –The presence of lead in wastewater must be monitored prior to release into the environment. This is due to the toxic nature of lead.


SA1100 Scanning Analyzer product image
SA1100 Scanning Analyzer

The SA1100 is the only EPA approved field method for testing of lead and copper. Waterproof, portable and robust; get confident results in one minute.

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