Digital Arsenic Test Kit

The Palintest Arsenator enables accurate and safe field measurements of arsenic, helping to protect rural communities from arsenic poisoning.

Ensure safe drinking water in rural communities
The Arsenator is supplied in a comprehensive field kit, confirming the safety of drinking water supplies in 20 minutes.

Sensitivity down to 2 parts per billion (ppb)
Unlike some other parameters, Arsenic has a low guideline level of detection, with WHO guidelines at 10 ppb.

3-stage filter system
The three-stage filter system has multiple benefits; increasing sensitivity of the test and removing the interference from Sulfide which can lead to inaccurate results.

Digital Testing
Portable Case
Ideal for field use
Fast Results

Digital Arsenic Test Kit

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Palintest Arsenator Kit
Palintest Arsenator Kit (PT981)
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Kit options
Hard Case kit PT981
Digital Arsenator
Tri-filter arsenic trap
100 mL reaction vessel
Destruction filter holder x 5
Detection filter holder x 5
Hydrogen Sulfide filter x 10
Reagents 240 test
Visual comparison chart
Dilution tube
Test tube brush
9V battery
Hard Case