Balanced Water Kit

Calculating water balance is critical for minimising running costs by identifying potential corrosion or scaling problems. The Balanced Water Kit is a visual combination kit enabling a quick water balance calculation.

Combat corrosion or scaling
Balanced water kits are a cost-effective mechanism for water balance testing, ensuring that your pool is not liable to corrosion or scaling.

Simple visual testing
Water balanced kits utilise the globally recognised tablet-based colour comparison method for quick results.

Available in a range of options
Five kitting options, all available in a protective hard case kit, to deliver the water balance testing required for your pool or spa. See kitting options below for more details.

Visual Testing
Portable Case
Water Balance
No Glassware

Balanced Water Kit

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Balanced Water Kit

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Kit options
SKH129 SKH129C
Standard Comparator
Contour Comparator
Chlorine 0-5 mg/L disc
Bromine 0-8 mg/L disc
pH Phenol Red disc
4 Comparator Cuvettes
Cuvette Brush
Crush/Stir Rod
Dilution Tube
Sample Container (100mL)
Double Tub Assembly
Cyanuric Acid Reagents
Reagents Free and Total Chlorine/Bromine
Regents pH Phenol Red
Tablet Count reagents Alkalinity
Tablet count reagents Calcium Hardness