ChloroSense HR

Please note this product has now been discontinued, for more information click here. 

Measure high concentrations of chlorine with this easy to use portable instrument. Ideal for validation of disinfection dosing.

EPA approved chlorine testing
The ChloroSense HR boasts unique sensor technology, developed specifically for measuring high concentrations of free and total chlorine.

Advanced amperometry method for increased reliability
Unlike traditional measurement techniques, our unique technology reduces method inconsistencies, delivering accurate measurements of free and total chlorine.

Quick and simple measurements
Results are available in one minute, with no lengthy waiting times; meaning immediate action can be taken.

No glassware and no reagents
ChloroSense HR is powered by single use sensors with no additional reagents required. The waterproof and glass free instrument makes it suitable for controlled manufacturing environments.

USB Connectivity
Digital Testing
Disposable Sensors
US EPA Approved
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