Simple and economic to use, Palintest dipslides are ideal for cooling water circuits, institutional hygiene and applications where indication of general microbiological contamination is required.

Suitable for liquid and surface testing
Dipslides can be immersed within the sample or placed in contact with the surface.

Clear results
Compare the clearly visible colonies produced with the supplied standard chart.

Available in two Total Colony (TTC) formats
Dipslides are available in two formats: Total Colony (TTC) or Total Colony plus Yeasts and Mould (TTC/M), to enable full compliance checking for your applications.

No Reagents
Ideal for field use
No Glassware
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Dipslides TTC (10 pack)
Dipslides TTC (10 pack) (PT711)
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Dipslides TTC/M (10 pack)
Dipslides TTC/M (10 pack) (PT710)
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