Lumiso Pooltest Expert

Lumiso Pooltest Expert is a multi-parameter benchtop photometer designed as an all-round solution for pool and spa water testing needs. From pool managers through to professional engineers, this photometer is suitable for testing multiple times daily, quickly and accurately across key and troubleshooting parameters. 

With a large touchscreen interface and simple to follow onscreen instructions the Lumiso Pooltest Expert can be used with little to no prior training. It’s robust construction and IP67 waterproof design ensures it can be used in situ in any environment even with wet hands. Lumiso Pooltest Expert also benefits from easy results retrieval and data traceability for audit compliance purposes. With 35 tests routine and troubleshooting testing is made easy with quick and accurate results.

Features include:

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Recycled material case.
  • IP67 Waterproofing.
  • Multi parameter for troubleshooting.
  • Quick and accurate testing.
  • Large touch screen interface.
  • Simple to follow on screen instructions.
  • Data traceability for audit compliance.
  • Easy results retrieval with Palintest Connect.
  • Professional level results in-situ.

IP67 Waterproof
Data Management
Digital Testing

Lumiso Pooltest Expert

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Lumiso Pooltest Expert

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Available to buy in the following options...
Lumiso Pooltest Expert UK/ROW Kit
Lumiso Pooltest Expert UK/ROW Kit (LMPXUK)
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Lumiso Pooltest Expert USA Kit
Lumiso Pooltest Expert USA Kit (LMPXUS)
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Lumiso Pooltest Expert Australia Kit
Lumiso Pooltest Expert Australia Kit (LMPXAUS)
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Kit options
Item LMPXUK - Lumiso Pooltest Expert UK/ROW Kit LMPXUS - Lumiso Pooltest Expert USA Kit LMPXAUS - Lumiso Pooltest Expert Australia Kit
Lumiso Pooltest Expert Benchtop Instrument
Dilution Tube, with SILVER SCREW-ON LID
Syringe, Luer Slip, 10mL
Polishing Cloth
Test Tube Brush, 12cm
USB lead
Quick Start Guide
Absorbant Cloth
Crush/Stir Road
Cap for 15mL Vial (x10)
15mL Snap Cap Vial (x10)
Lumiso Benchtop Case, Foam & Logo (Pool & Spa)
Reusable Reagent Box (Pool & Spa)
DPD1 Free Chlorine Tablet 0-5mg/L
DPD3 Free Chlorine Tablet 0-5mg/L
DPD4 Free Chlorine Tablet 0-5mg/L
DPD XF Chlorine Tablet 0-10mg/L
DPD XT Chlorine Tablet 0-10mg/L
Cyanuric Acid Tablet 0-200mg/L
pH, Phenol Red Tablet 6.8-8.4
Coppercol No 1 Tablet 0-5mg/L
Coppercol No 2 Tablet 0-5mg/L
Alkalinity Total Tablet 0-500mg/L
Calcium Hardness Tablet 0-500mg/L
Iron MR No1 Tablets 0-5mg/L
Iron MR No2 Tablets 0-5mg/L
Oxystop Tablet N/A
Phosphate LR, Phot, 0-4mg/L

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