Macro 900 Water Quality System

The Macro 900 Water Quality System is a fully customisable kit, tailored to your testing needs.

Comprehensive list of tests
Tests include Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Salinity, Ammonia, Blue-Green Algae, Turbidity, Chlorophyll and more. The customisable nature of the kit makes it suitable for multiple applications including drinking water and environmental monitoring.

Fully customisable system
The Macro 900 is a bespoke system, customisable around your needs. Select the necessary tests, cable lengths and optional features. See MAKE MY MACRO for more details on how to build your ideal Macro 900.

Guaranteed long life
The Macro 900 uses Kevlar cables to ensure long term use. A range of cable lengths is available when specifying your Macro 900.

Complete data analysis
Clever features including location tracking and GPS, store up to 1000 complete data sets, ideal for audits and compliance.

Select only the tests you require
Choose 2 tests from a list of core parameters, or 1 core parameter and 1 optional probe. See MAKE MY MACRO for more info.

Portable Case
No Reagents
Data Management
Macro 900 Water Quality System Accessories
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