Micro 800 Multiparameter

The Micro 800 combines the top of the range conductivity and pH electrodes, ideal for use in drinking water, cooling towers and effluent testing.

  • Perform multiple tests simultaneously. The Micro 800 Multiparameter tests for pH, ORP, Conductivity, TDS and Temperature simultaneously.
  • Simplified calibration protocols for easy maintenance
  • Full data reporting and recording for up to 500 data sets. For full analysis, export your data to a PC via USB or RS232.
  • Provided in a protective hard case kit, suitable for use in the laboratory and in the field.

No Reagents
Data Management
Portable Case
Micro 800 Multiparameter Accessories
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Micro 800 Multiparameter Kit
Micro 800 Multiparameter Kit (PT1350)
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