Photometer 7100

The Photometer 7100 covers the full range of test parameters, enabling effective water quality monitoring.

  • Complete range of tests for effective water quality monitoring
  • Designed for simplicity, suitable for all users
  • Trusted technology, utilising the global standard DPD method, developed by our very own Dr Palin.
  • Compatible with tablet and tubetest reagents for increased flexibility

Simple operation, suitable for all users
Utilising the globally recognised DPD method, the photometer 7100 makes testing quick and easy.

Wide range of test parameters
Inclusive of the full range of test parameters for effective water quality monitoring. The 7100 is compatible with Palintest tablet and tubetest reagents.

Designed for on-site analysis
Palintest photometers are waterproof certified to IP67. Choose the 7100 Standard Kit to protect your instrument in the field.

IP67 Waterproof
Tubetest and Tablet Reagent
Digital Testing

Photometer 7100

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Photometer 7100

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Available to buy in the following options...
Photometer 7100 Benchtop Kit
Photometer 7100 Benchtop Kit (PTR7100)
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Photometer 7100 Standard Kit
Photometer 7100 Standard Kit (PTH7100)
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Kit options
PTR 7100 Photometer 7100 Benchtop Kit PTH 7100 Photometer 7100 Standard Kit
Photometer 7100 Instrument
Sample Tubes 10 8
Sample Tube Rack
10 ml Syringe
Dilution Tube
Sample Tube Brush
Crush/Stir Rod
Hard Carry Case
Transport Carton