Pool Contour Comparator

Compact and versatile, the pool contour comparator offers simple visual testing for the range of pool and spa test requirements.

Easy and cost-effective testing
The contour comparator lines up the sample colour with the colour discs for an easy comparison, suitable for all users.

Established colorimetric methods
The contour comparator kit utilises the globally recognised DPD method to provide clear colour development.

Complete pool parameters
The pool contour comparator includes tests for chlorine, bromine, alkalinity and the major pool parameters. View the full range below. Choose your kit option based on your test requirements. Add new test options at any point by purchasing additional discs and reagents.

Single and dual parameter test kits
Discs are available in single and dual parameter, providing the option for two measurement ranges in one kit.

Visual Testing
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Pool Contour Comparator Reagents
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Available to buy in the following options...
Single Parameter Contour Comparator Kits
Single Parameter Contour Comparator Kits
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Dual Parameter Contour Comparator Kits
Dual Parameter Contour Comparator Kits
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Kit options
Contour Comparator Y Y
Contour Disc with Instructions 1 2
Sample Tubes 3 3
Sample Tube Brush Y Y
Crush/Stirring Rods Y Y
Reagents 30 tests 60 tests (30 of each parameter)
Hard Case Y Y