Pooltest 25 Photometer

The Pooltest 25 is Palintest’s top of the range pool photometer, covering the complete range of water testing parameters for professional pool and spa management.

  • Complete range of tests for water balance and disinfection control
  • Effective data management, with USB
  • Designed for simplicity, suitable for all users
  • Trusted technology, utilising the global standard DPD method, developed by our very own Dr Palin.

Waterproof, durable and versatile
Suitable for poolside use, Palintest photometers are known for their robust design. With the complete range of pool parameters, test for additional parameters without purchasing new hardware.

Protect pool users and pool infrastructure
The Pooltest 25 enables full disinfection and water balance control; to protect pool users and prevent scaling or corrosion of the pool.

Manage data across multiple platforms
The Pooltest 25 stores up to 1000 data sets for full traceability of results. Utilise USB to connect your device and manage data.

Suitable for poolside use
Palintest photometers are waterproof certified to IP67. Choose the Standard or Engineers kit options to safely store and carry your photometer.

Digital measurement for increased safety
Palintest photometers combines expert colorimetric analysis with digital measurements to deliver clear results with no uncertainty from the user.

IP67 Waterproof
Digital Testing
USB Connectivity

Pooltest 25 Photometer

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Pooltest 25 Photometer

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Available to buy in the following options...
Pooltest 25 Standard Kit
Pooltest 25 Standard Kit (SPH7025)
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Pooltest 25 Benchtop Kit
Pooltest 25 Benchtop Kit (SPR7025)
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Kit options
SPH7025E Pooltest 25 Standard Kit SPR7025E Pooltest 25 Benchtop Kit
Pooltest 25
Cuvettes 8 10
Cuvette Rack
Lint Free Cloth
10ml Syringe
Dilution Tube
Test Tube Brush
Crush/Stir Rods x10
USB Leads
Waterproof USB Leads
USB Power Adaptor
De-ion Pack
TDS Pocket Sensor
TDS Calibration Standard
Initial Reagent Pack
Check Standard Set
Hard Carry Case
Transport Carton
IP67 Carry Case