Pooltest 4 Photometer

The Pooltest 4 is the ideal compact photometer for testing spas and indoor pools, with testing for alkalinity, bromine, chlorine and pH.

  • Perform critical tests for spas and indoor pools
  • Perform testing at the poolside to reduce downtime
  • Designed for simplicity, suitable for all users
  • Trusted technology, utilising the industry-standard DPD method, developed by our very own Dr Palin.

Ideally suited to spas and indoor pools
The Pooltest 4 has been designed specifically for use in spas and indoor pools. Combine with a Palintest TDS meter to ensure full compliance for HSG 282.

Providing protection with cost-effective testing
Regular pool testing with the Pooltest 4 photometer will help to maintain your pool and spa infrastructure, as well as protecting bathers using the facilities.

Suitable for poolside use
Palintest photometers are waterproof certified to IP67, for reliability in warm and humid environments. Choose the hard case kit to safely store and carry your photometer.

Digital measurement for increased safety
Palintest pool photometers combine expert colorimetric analysis with digital measurements to deliver clear results with no uncertainty from the user.

Choose the range right for your application
The Pooltest 4 is available in standard and extended range chlorine to enable accurate testing for users with different chemical concentrations.

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Pooltest 4 Photometer

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Pooltest 4 Photometer

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Available in both standard and extended range chlorine
Pooltest 4 Soft Case Kit
Pooltest 4 Soft Case Kit (SPS004D / SPS004X Extended Range)
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Pooltest 4 Hard Case Kit
Pooltest 4 Hard Case Kit (SPH004D / SPH004X Extended Range)
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Kit options
SPS004D SPS004X (Extended Range) SPH004D SPH004X (Extended Range)
Pooltest 4
Crush/Stir Rods 4 4 4 4
Sample Tubes 2 2 6 6
10 mL Syringe
Sample Tube Brush
Soft Carry Case
Hard Carry Case
Starter Reagents
User Manual