Wagtech™ Potakit

Why is the WagtechPotakit+ suitable for you?
Ideal for WASH professionals the Potakit+ provides visual, cost-effective testing of key drinking water quality parameters. Designed for routine water testing the kit enables water supplies to be assessed to ensure they are suitable for longer-term use. To compare this with our other Wagtech™ kits click here.

What is included in the kit?
Wagtech Incubator, VCDK Visual Arsenic Test Kit, Contour Comparator, Double Length Turbidity Tube and Pocket pH Sensor.


  • Chemical tests for ammonia, arsenic, free chlorine, total chlorine, fluoride, nitrate and nitrite 
  • Physical tests for turbidity, pH, conductivity, TDS and temperature 
  • Microbiological tests for thermotolerant/faecal coliforms and total coliforms

Complete physico-chemical analysis
A combination of instruments and reagents are used to analyse a wide range of physical and chemical parameters to determine the quality of drinking water. Risks against short-term and chronic health effects can also be assessed. 

Test key drinking water quality parameters
Ideal for WASH professionals looking to conduct an accurate assessment of key drinking water quality parameters in the field. 


A Palintest Product

Palintest is proud to have a long and established partnership with the humanitarian and development sector, providing technologies which safeguard water for everyone, every day. As challenges in this sector continue to evolve, our Wagtech kits have been adapted to the growing needs of the WASH sector.

Portable Case
Ideal for field use

Wagtech™ Potakit

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Wagtech™ Potakit

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Kit options
Wagtech™ Potakit+
Wagtech™ Incubator
Petri Dish Rack
Incubator Battery
Mains Charger
International Adaptors
Membrane Filtration Assembly
250 mL Beaker
Visual Arsenic Detection Kit
Arsenic Consumables 200 tests
Double Length Turbidity Tube
Pocket pH Sensor
pH Calibration Buffers
Pocket Conductivity Sensor
Conductivity Calibration Standard
Sample Tube Brush
Dilution Tubes 2
Crush/Stir Rods
De-Ion Pack