Wagtech™ Potalab+

The Wagtech™ Potalab+ is the ultimate portable water quality laboratory. Ideally suited to longer term surveillance and professional monitoring, the Potalab+ provides portable analysis of a wide and comprehensive range of key drinking water quality parameters where the most important factor is to obtain laboratory levels of accuracy.

  • High capacity microbiological analysis with dual incubators for up to 40 samples simultaneously
  • Advanced physico-chemicalanalysis, complete with the Photometer 7500
  • Downloadable data for complete data management
  • Purposely designed for rural water testing
  • Versatile and flexible, delivering the full range of tests required for professional monitoring.

High capacity microbiological analysis
Dual incubators with independent temperature control for simultaneous determination of up to 40 samples for thermotolerant or faecal coliforms and total coliforms

Advanced physico-chemical analysis
Includes the Photometer 7500, Turbimeter Plus, Palintest Arsenator and electrochemical meter for pH and conductivity/TDS.

Complete data management
Download incubator data and add colony counts for a complete microbiological report. Transfer data from your photometer via USB or Bluetooth, compatible with the AquaPal App and Palintest Portal.

Versatile and flexible
A fully self-contained field kit with independent power, the Wagtech Potalab+ offers the full range of tests for effective water quality monitoring.

Purposely designed for field water testing
Equipped with a surface for performing tests, Wagtech™ kits have been expertly designed for field testing, and contained inside the signature, durable carry case.

Portable Case
Ideal for field use
Digital Testing

Wagtech™ Potalab+

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Wagtech™ Potalab+

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Potalab+ (PTW10010)
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Potalab+ XA
Potalab+ XA (PTW10010XA)
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Kit options
Wagtech™ Potalab+ Wagtech™ Potalab+ XA
Wagtech™ Incubator 2 2
Petri Dish Rack 2 2
Incubator Battery
Mains Charger
International Power Adaptors
Membrane Filtration Assembly
Photometer 7500
Photometer Sample Tubes 6 6
Photometer Reagents 200 Tests (Ammonia, Free and Total Chlorine, Nitrite, and Nitrate) 200 Tests (Ammonia, Free and Total Chlorine, Nitrite, and Nitrate)
Turbimeter Plus
SDVB Calibration Standards
Turbimeter Sample Tubes 4 4
Silicone Oil
Cleaning Cloth
Palintest Arsenator
Arsenic Consumables 200 Tests
Micro 800 pH/Temperature Meter
pH Calibration Buffers
Micro 800 Conductivity/TDS Meter
Conductivity Calibration Standard
Sample Tube Brush
Dilution Tube 2 2
Crush/Stir Rods
De-Ion Pack