SA1100 Scanning Analyzer

Waterproof, portable and robust; the SA1100 delivers trusted results for lead and copper, in only one minute. Utilising disposable sensor technology, the SA1100 is the only portable instrument with EPA approval for lead testing.

Rapid confirmation of contamination
The quick and simple test method provides results in one minute, meaning immediate action can be taken to minimise the impact of contamination.

High sensitivity, even at lower levels
With a lower limit of detection of 2 ppb of lead or 50 ppb of copper, the SA1100 provides high accuracy even when detecting the smallest heavy metal contamination.

EPA approved
The SA1100 is the only lead field testing kit with EPA approval.

Advanced voltammetry method
The SA1100 can accurate determine concentrations of lead and copper in a wide range of sample types.

USB Connectivity
Digital Testing
Disposable Sensors
US EPA Approved
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Lead Scanning Analyzer Test Kit
Lead Scanning Analyzer Test Kit (PT430)
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Copper Scanning Analyzer Test Kit
Copper Scanning Analyzer Test Kit (PT431)
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SA1100 Scanning Analyzer
Lead Sensor Pack
Copper Sensor Pack
Calibration Chip
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