Sewage Effluent Kit

The Palintest Sewage Effluent Kit is widely used at small sewage works as a simple means of checking the quality of sewage effluents.

Ensure compliance to quality standards
The compact test kit enables straightforward testing of all major parameters to ensure that your treatment plants are compliant to increasingly stringent quality standards.

Day to day management of sewage effluents
The Sewage Effluent Kit includes testing for Permanganate Value, pH, Turbidity, TSS, Temperature, and Probable BOD, COD and TOC.

Visual Testing
Tablet Reagents
Portable Case

Sewage Effluent Kit

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Sewage Effluent Kit
Sewage Effluent Kit (SP304)
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Kit options
Sewage Effluent Kit
Acidifying SE Tablets 300
Permanganate Value Tablets 300
Universal pH Tablets 100
100 mL Sample Container 3
Plastic Sample Tubes (10 mL) 2
Turbidity Tube (13 inches)
Sample Tube Brush
Contour Comparator
Universal pH Disc
Hard Case