What if bathing water testing was different?
SirenBW is an innovative approach to bathing water monitoring, using established science to provide real-time information for pathogen risk. SirenBW can be used with conventional FIO-based bathing water quality reporting for a complete picture.

Prevent health incidents by closing problem areas immediately
Pathogen risk information available in less than 30 minutes, with the test performed on-site. This allows authorities to take immediate action for poor water quality; instantly closing problems areas to protect bathers and the environment.

Detecting a range of pathogens for a complete risk assessment
Correlated and calibrated using E. coli, the SirenBW method detects all pathogens with the potential to cause illness and inflammation including campylobacter, pseudomonas and some cyanotoxins.

Improve problem resolution with cost-effective pollution tracking
Identify the source and causes of pollution events, enabling long term action to be taken to reduce pollution incidents and implement improvement programs at the source.

Trusted technology, with established science
The SirenBW method uses established science combined with intuitive colorimetric technology. Packaged in a durable carry case, SirenBW removes the time delay between sampling and testing.

Join the change and find out more about SirenBW for your bathing water monitoring programme.

Portable Case
Ideal for field use
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SirenBW Kit
Compact Siren Meter
Siren Incubator
Incubator Heater Block
Siren Incubator Battery (Lead Acid)
10 - 100µL Variable Pipettor
100µL Endotoxin-Free Pipettor Tips x 16
Endotoxin-Free Tubes 2.5 mL x 20
Semi-Micro Cuvettes x 16
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