VCDK Visual Arsenic Testing

A simple visual test kit providing rapid arsenic test results, to identify arsenic water contamination in rural communities.

Rapid, visual test
The Visual Colour Detection Kit uses the same technology as the digital arsenic test kit, but with a colour comparison chart to determine arsenic concentration.

3-stage filter system
The three-stage filter system has multiple benefits; increasing sensitivity of the test and removing the interference from Sulfide which can lead to inaccurate results.

Designed for field use
Lightweight field case containing all parts, which can enable arsenic testing in communities where laboratory infrastructure is limited.

Visual Testing
Fast Results
Ideal for field use
Portable Case
VCDK Visual Arsenic Testing Reagents
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VCDK 200 Tests
VCDK 200 Tests (PTH10605)
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Kit options
Tri-filter Arsenic Trap
100 mL Reaction Vessel
Destruction Filter Holder 3 4
Detection Filter Holder 3 4
Hydrogen Sulphide Filter 4 4
Reagents 100 tests 200 tests
Visual Comparison Chart
Dilution Tube
Sample Tube Brush
Hard Case