Wagtech™ Incubator

The Wagtech™ incubator has been specifically designed for field use, enabling you to perform microbiological testing, even in the most challenging environments.

High sample capacity
With a sample capacity of 20 petri dishes, up to five full cycles per battery charge, and mains and battery power options; the incubator enables you to test large volumes of samples in the field.

Automatic timing
Automatic timing for a standard 18 hour incubation cycle, the screen displays progress of the incubation cycle as well as the real time temperature display.

Customise to your testing needs
With the standard incubator you can choose between two temperature settings at 37 and 44, whilst on the Potalab incubator you can set any temperature or cycle time for increased flexibility. The incubator also includes an optional resuscitation period, beginning with a lower temperature incubation to help the development of coliforms.

Clear, concise instructions 
Inclusive of printed pictorial instructions, you can also add your own voice prompt instructions to the incubator, or utilise the standard language prompts available in English, French, Spanish or Chinese (Simplified).

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