Wagtech™ Potacheck

Designed for field use, the Wagtech™ Potacheck tests a comprehensive range of chemical and physical drinking water quality parameters. The kit uses complete digital instrumentation to provide laboratory levels of accuracy, giving you maximum confidence in your results. 

What is included in the kit?
Palintest Digital Arsenic Test System, Lumiso Expert, Turbimeter Plus, Micro 800 Multiparameter Meter


  • Chemical tests for ammonia, arsenic, free chlorine, total chlorine, fluoride, nitrate and nitrite 
  • Physical tests for turbidity, pH, conductivity and TDS

Effective data management
The Lumiso Expert stores up to 1000 data sets for full traceability of results. Utilise USB and QR code to access and manage data via Palintest Connect.

Designed for physico-chemical water testing
A combination of instruments and reagents allows users to analyse a wide range of physical and chemical parameters to ensure drinking water quality and assess risks against short-term and chronic health effects.


A Palintest Product

Palintest is proud to have a long and established partnership with the humanitarian and development sector, providing technologies which safeguard water for everyone, every day. As challenges in this sector continue to evolve, our Wagtech kits have been adapted to the growing needs of the WASH sector.

Portable Case
Digital Testing
Ideal for field use

Wagtech™ Potacheck

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Wagtech™ Potacheck

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Kit options
Wagtech™ Potacheck
Lumiso Expert
Photometer Sample Tubes
Turbimeter Plus
SDVB Calibration Standards
Turbimeter Sample Tubes 4
Silicone Oil
Cleaning Cloth
Palintest Arsenator
Arsenic Consumables 200 Tests
Micro 800 Multiparameter Meter