Wagtech™ Potatest Go

Why is the Wagtech™ Potatest Go right for me?
The Potatest Go is the only Wagtech kit to feature an upright kit design, which has been adapted for increased portability. The kit also benefits from in-case charging for improved security. The Potatest Go uses visual instrumentation to provide rapid onsite testing of critical water quality parameters. To compare this with our other Wagtech™ kits click here.

What is included in the kit?
A Wagtech Incubator, Contour Comparator, Double Length Turbidity Tube and Pocket pH Sensor.


  • Chemical tests for free chlorine, total chlorine, and combined chlorine
  • Physical tests for turbidity and pH
  • Microbiological tests for thermotolerant/faecal coliforms and total coliforms

Easy Transportation
The upright kit design has been adapted for increased portability. Test sites can be quickly reached, and the kit is ideal for transportation between multiple sites. 

Rapidly assess water sources for suitability as drinking water
Contains all the equipment required for emergency water testing. Rapid microbiological analysis for screening of faecal and total coliforms to support important decision making when selecting between drinking water sources. 

Attachable Water Safety Kit (WSK)
The attachable WSK enables easy transportation between testing sites. It contains instruments and visual test equipment for simple on-site testing of free, total and combined chlorine, pH and turbidity. Monitoring of these parameters can assist in the implementation of Water Safety Plans (WSPs), which focus on identifying and eliminating risks. 


A Palintest Product

Palintest is proud to have a long and established partnership with the humanitarian and development sector, providing technologies which safeguard water for everyone, every day. As challenges in this sector continue to evolve, our Wagtech kits have been adapted to the growing needs of the WASH sector.

Ideal for field use
Portable Case

Wagtech™ Potatest Go

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Wagtech™ Potatest Go

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Wagtech™ Potatest Go
Wagtech™ Potatest Go (PTW100050GO)
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Kit options
Wagtech Potatest Go
Wagtech™ Incubator
Petri Dish Rack
Incubator Battery
Mains Charger
International Power Adaptors
Membrane Filtration Assembly
250 mL Beaker
Contour Comparator and Discs
Double Length Turbidity Tube
Pocket pH Sensor and pH calibration buffers
Comparator Reagents (for 250 tests for free chlorine and total chlorine)