Water Safety Kit

Why is the Water Safety Kit (WSK) right for me?
The WSK contains instruments and visual test equipment for simple on-site testing of critical drinking water quality parameters. The kit is lightweight make it ideal for transportation between multiple sites.

What is included in the kit?
Contour Comparator, Double Length Turbidity Tube, Pocket pH Sensor


  • Chemical tests for free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine
  • Physical tests for turbidity and pH 

Easy Transportation
The WSK is self contained and lightweight making it ideal for transportation between multiple sites.

Water Safety Plans
Simple and rapid monitoring of key paramters that support the implementation of Water Safety Plans.

Established colorimetric methods
The contour comparator utilises the globally recognised DPD method to provide clear colour development.


A Palintest Product

Palintest is proud to have a long and established partnership with the humanitarian and development sector, providing technologies which safeguard water for everyone, every day. As challenges in this sector continue to evolve, our Wagtech kits have been adapted to the growing needs of the WASH sector.

Portable Case
Ideal for field use
Digital Testing

Water Safety Kit

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Water Safety Kit

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Water Safety Kit
Water Safety Kit (PT100WSK)
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Kit options
Water Safety Kit
Contour Comparator
Comparator Reagents 200 tests for free chlorine and total chlorine
Double Length Turbidity Tube
Pocket pH Sensor